Freddie Mercury Biography FREDDIE MERCURY was born Farookh Bulsara on September 5th 1946 in Zanzibar, to Persian parents Bomi & Jer Bulsara. Freddie moved to India in 1947. He attended boarding school in Panchgani, just outside Bombay. Whilst there he began his piano lessons, reaching Grade 4 in practical and theory. The family, with the addition now of younger sister Kashmira, moved to England in 1963. Freddie left Isleworth school in 1964 with three 'O' levels and one 'A' level in Art. He went to Ealing College of Art to study Graphic Illustration. He left college in 1969 with a Diploma in Graphic Art & Design (The equivalent of a Degree). Freddie joined his first serious band in 1969, they were called IBEX. Freddie stood 5ft 9 and a half inches tall with black hair and dark brown eyes. He was single and shared his large house and garden with several cats, creatures he adored. He loved opera and ballet, Marilyn Monroe was his favourite actress and Aretha Franklin just one of his many favourite singers. He liked to drink either Champagne or iced Vodka and Indian food was one of his favourites. He sadly died on November 24th 1991.

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